About Paulmarina.com

Hi! I’m Paul and this is Paulmarina.com!

Paulmarina is named after myself and my wife Marina Helene. She is also known as just Helene at MasalaHerb.com. Paulmarina also just means a travel port.

We travel together around the world. I’m originally from Goa, India, and Marina is from Tyrol, Austria.

Here you will find comprehensive travel guides and tips.

  • travel recommendations for couple and +1 travelers
  • roadtrip tips
  • general travel recommendations. I have a vast knowledge.
  • inspirations for your next vacation
  • off the beaten path ideas
  • city guides

Feel free to reach out at hello @ paulmarina.com if you have a question or if you just want to say hi. 🙂

Paul D Souza
Paul at the Montechiaro Lichtenberg Castle Ruins 2021 South Tyrol Italy