+75 Things to do in Munich Germany

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Discover more than 75 things to do in Munich Germany! The Bavarian capital has something to offer to everyone, and you will be spoiled by the vast choice of activities.

English to German Travel Phrases

German in Lederhosen pant sitting on a cycle in Bavaria

You will need a set of English to German Travel Phrases, if you plan to travel to Germany any time soon. Here you will find all the essential phrases and basic German words used just in Germany, with regional variations.

Things to do in Bern Switzerland

Things to do in Bern Switzerland skyline

Bern Switzerland, is a wonderful city that you shouldn’t miss on a trip to the region or Europe! The Swiss capital will enthrall you with its charming streets, colorful neighborhoods and its lovely people. Here are the top things to do and the attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Bern!

Bad Gastein Austria: The Belle Époque Town

bas gastein church view

Bad Gastein in Austria is a town that will take you back to the wonderfully charming Belle Époque period. Here you will learn everything to help you plan your trip to Bad Gastein.

Ptuj Slovenia: Guide + Things to do

Ptuj town view with town hall

Ptuj is one of the top places in Slovenia that you absolutely should add to your bucket list! This medieval city is charming and welcoming. Here you will find everything that you need to know to plan your trip to Ptuj!

Alsace Wine Route: The Complete Guide


The Alsace wine route is a legendary trail in the historical wine region of Alsace in France. Learn everything you need to know to plan your visit! I introduce you to the top places to see, the best vineyards to visit, and I share tips to get around.

Plan a trip to Wengen Switzerland

view to lauterbrunnen from Wengen

Plan a trip to Wengen Switzerland and discover this marvelous town in the heart of the Swiss alps. This place is completely car-free, so you can only get there with the iconic cogwheel train. Collect tips and ideas for your trip to Wengen!

BEST Things to do in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen in the summer

Discover the best things to do in Lauterbrunnen and plan your trip to one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland! Here you can collect ideas and tips that will inspire and help you to make your trip to this small Swiss village a memorable experience.