+10 Day Trips from Salzburg

Here you will find more than 10 of the best day trips from Salzburg with some details and info.

Collect some destinations, ideas and get inspired to discover the area.

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So, you have visited and seen the top sights in Salzburg, and now you are searching for some ideas to spend your remaining time there well?

I have compiled a great list with various options for different tastes and needs!

These places are great any tome of the year, but keep in mind that there are two seasons, summer from May to October end, and winter, from December to March/April.

Most places in the Austrian alps do not cater to tourists in November and in the 2-3 weeks after Easter in spring. This is because hotels and restaurants, mountains stations, attractions, museums close for a seasonal break.

🚤 Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a small village located about 40 miles or 70 kilometers from Salzburg at the lake Hallstatt in Austria.

This picture-perfect lake is also called the most beautiful village in Austria and Europe. Houses are tightly nestled to a mountain side next to the lake.

You can also visit the Salt mines, which are located at the top of the mountain. This used to be the capital of the Celts before the Romans took it over. Salt was used like gold back then to barter. The highlight of the salt tour are the slides used by miners in the old days.

Today, Hallstatt is sure to awaken your imagination. Swans, flowers, a waterfall, skulls in a church are just a few things that you are bound to discover there.

To get to Hallstatt, you can travel by train to Attnang-Puchheim and to Steeg-Gossau and grab a bus to Hallstatt. The easiest way to get around i by car.

Hallstatt is a place for all generations.

🏰 Vienna

You can organize a day trip to Vienna, the capital of Austria, if you make Salzburg your base.

Get into a high-speed train in Salzburg to Vienna, the ride takes only 2 1/2 hours and is the easiest way to get to Vienna.

The earliest trains are at 6 am and the last back from Vienna at 10 pm and 12 am.

Vienna has so much to offer! Take a look at my recommendations on places to see when in Vienna.

vienna city center
vienna city center

🏞 Berchtesgaden and the Königssee Lake

Berchtesgaden is a city in Bavaria, Germany. It’s about 30 mins by car or bus from Salzburg city.

The old town par of the city is super relaxed and rather iconic. You will discover uniquely painted houses and colorful walls.

The Königssee lake in Berchtesgaden is a large, elongated lake, which is also known as Germany’s most beautiful lake.

You can get to Schönau am Königsee and take a ferry ride to St. Bartholomä, an iconic tiny village. They even play the trumpet on the little boat!

Children and Elderly family members enjoy lake Königssee.

st.bartholomä and the natural reserve

🛥 Zell am See

Zell am See is about 80 kilometers from Salzburg city. The town is known for a large beautiful lake in the mountains.

The views are different from Hallstatt and that’s what people love about this place.

You can hang out in town, at the lake or the casino. There is something for everyone to do in Zell am See.

⛰ Hallein

Hallein is a cute little city near Salzburg city. Colorful houses along the river Salzach and a vibrant old town will welcome you warmly.

Hallein is also known for its salt mines and Celtic past. Just like Hallstatt, you can visit the salt mines here too.

The Keltenmuseum (Celtic museum) has a massive collection of Celtic artifacts and is worthwhile visiting if you are looking for a history lesson.

💧 Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein is a surreal place, nestled in the Austrian alps near Salzburg city. This town was a popular tourist destination 100 years ago before WWI.

Belle Époque buildings such as the Grande Hotel’d’Europe are still standing on a sloped area and tell a morbid story of what used to be.

The waters of the town are known to cure ailments and a visit to Bad Gastein is incomplete without spending some time in the thermal hot springs.

View of Badgastein with waterfall
View of Badgastein with waterfall

🦅 Eagle’s Nest

The eagle’s nest is Hitler’s old hideout. It’s located near Berchtesgaden in Germany.

The place is better known as Kehlsteinhaus in German. Hitler used it as a diplomatic reception house.

His summer residence was located a few miles away from the Eagle’s nest.

A visit here is worthwhile if you are into WW2 history. The main building on top serves as a restaurant today, and you get a great view of the area.

Educational content is provided all along, and it’s rather easy to access it with children and for elderly people.

🏫 Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol, the neighboring Austrian region.

The city is quite different from Salzburg and worth a visit if you want to see Tyrolean architecture and experience a different vibe.

Of course, there are other places to visit in the area, but if you have only a few days, then I recommend you spend a day in Innsbruck.

You can get a train to Innsbruck from Salzburg, which crosses a part of Germany. The train ride takes about 2 hours.

Some notable places to visit in Innsbruck include the Golden Roof, the Berg Isel ski jumping ramp, the Ambras castle. I have compiled a full list of places to see in Innsbruck.

If you get there early, you can add the Swarovski Crystal World, which is located in the neighboring Wattens, to your itinerary. Yet, the region has so much more to offer, and you can add more things to do when in Tyrol to your bucket list.

🏢 Munich

Munich is the capital of Bavaria in Germany. It’s one of the largest cities in Central Europe and worthwhile a visit if you love Bavarian culture.

Especially the Oktoberfest festival is worth a visit in September. It’s the largest alpine festival gathering in the world.

Plenty of great beer, white sausages and Bretzel await you in Munich.

Hangout at the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, visit the city’s best museums and go shopping or stroll around the food markets.

Munich is a fun place to be. Here are over 75 things that you can do on your visit to Munich!

🌹 Rosenheim

Rosenheim is a city between Salzburg and Munich.

It’s a quaint little city with beautiful buildings and authentic Bavarian vibes.

This city is for you if you are looking for something smaller and if you have already seen Munich, and now you want some more Bavarian vibes.

A public spa with great saunas is located near Rosenheim in Bad Aibling, and I can only recommend this one! Please take a look at the German sauna etiquette for first timers.

🏡 Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel is a famous ski resort in the Tyrolean alps. It’s known for glamour and glitz because well-known people like to hang out there, and because of the yearly skiing race and tennis open air competitions.

The old town is very colorful and on top of a hill area.

This place is for you if you are looking for a scenic drive to a beautiful location.

Prominent luxury brands have store outlets in Kitzbühel, and one particular brand calls the city it’s home, Sportalm.

🌠 Hidden Places to Discover

This is a list of places that most international visitors don’t know about. They are beautiful little gems worth discovering if you are looking for a little something different.

  • Eisriesenwelt and Hohenwerfen Castle —The Werfen Ice Caves is the largest ice cave in the world, and they can be visited. The castle is located nearby on a beautiful higher hill platform. This is for you if you are looking for adventure.
  • Liechtensteinklamm – one of the many narrow gorges in the area. This one, however, is special due to the way it was built to access the gorge. This is perfect for you if you want an adventure and if you feel fit and up to some hiking.
  • Mondsee — Located in the lake district, a relaxed large lake in Upper Austria (Oberösterreich), near the Salzburg region. Austrians like to hang out there, and you can take a tour with a lake ferry. Visiting with kids and elderly family members is a great idea for a day out.
  • Hellbrunn Castle —The baroque architecture castle is technically outside of Salzburg, but I also mentioned it in my things to do Salzburg City Guide. A fantastic palace with fun water games and pretty gardens, Hellbrunn is unique in many ways. Elderly family members and kids will enjoy a trip there.
  • Chiemsee —It’s a large lake in Bavaria, Germany. The lake is known for the Herrenchiemsee Island and palace, as well as the Frauenwörth abbey on another island in the lake. A steam train also runs along the lake, making this an iconic trip made for families with children and elderly family members.

Most of these places will require you to travel by road. You can either hire a taxi or get a rental.

⛷ Day Trip, Winter Ski Resorts

These places are well-known ski resorts that you can go to if you just plan to ski for a day on your trip to Salzburg.

They can be easily accessed by taxi, train and bus, but plan ahead because most require you to travel there, which can take more than an hour. Skiing is best done in the morning hours!

You can hire full ski equipment in those ski resorts. Most rent a ski and accessory shops are situated right next to the slopes.

  • Saalbach Hinterglemm — Massive and most popular, but much further away
  • Berchtesgadener Land — Near to Salzburg city but in Germany
  • Hallein — smaller but great for kids
  • Gaissau-Hintersee — also a bit smaller but not that far located
  • Kaprun Kitzsteinhorn — It’s a bit further away, but you can ski the glacier also in the summer.
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Where do you plan to visit next? Please let us know in the comment section further below!


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