3 Days in Prague in Winter (Czech Republic)

We spend 3 days in Prague in winter, the Czech Capital.

For this, wonderful European city, you will need something like an itinerary, a travel guide to get you around to see the most interesting attractions and enjoy Prague to the fullest!

See further below, what you can do in Prague in 3 days.

I also share with you my tidbits and thoughts to some places and why we, chose to skip some sights altogether!

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When you visit Prague in 3 days, you need to prioritize! Especially in the colder seasons in autumn and winter.

So while some of us prefer to discover the bohemian soul of the city, others want to dig deep into the historical site of the Czech capital.

Fortunately, Prague has a lot to offer and you can pick the things that suit your interests on your 3 days in Prague.

the swans in prague

🏰 Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is situated in a hilly part of the city.

You can’t really miss it!

It’s a medieval castle but you can’t compare it to other European castles as it has another feel to it.

It’s more minimal in looks and the castle walls still give you a feeling that this must have been a little town on its own in its heydays.

We were not that impressed by the castle at first but…

prague top city old town

We spend a lot of time there although we moved quickly through the area, it’s quite a big place but at times it feels empty in the sense that you would expect more points of interest.

At first, if you want to enter the castle you will need to stand in a queue for a while for the check-up.

Your bags will be checked for weapons etc.

Once you are in you can freely stroll through the stone plastered roads.

A main highlight in the castle is apparently a statue with a golden something.

So you will see girls from all over the world taking jolly pictures there.

rub the statue for good luck

In the center of the castle is the St.Vitus Gothic Cathedral and nearby is the golden lane.

Basically to see any of these attractions from inside you need to pay.

In our case, it was ridiculous because the St.Vitus Cathedral was closed for renovation and then, of course, we just wanted to see the golden lane, however, the tickets are not adjustable…

You can purchase 3 types of tickets in the castle area and they are all bundles and include buildings I didn’t care to visit because my time is limited and I wasn’t ready to shell out 10 Euros per person to just walk on a golden lane in Prague.

That is why we skipped the golden lane!

However, I wished I had seen the Gothic Cathedral from inside!

statue on the prague bridge

What we did experience, was the change of guards at 12 noon and the small Christmas market.

Also, a married couple was taking professional pictures in the castle and that was just a very pretty moment!

So, I suggest, if you are into culture and history, and the cathedral is open for visitors, then go for the circuit B ticket to visit the Golden lane as well!

a wedding shoot in prague

The tickets might be valid for 2 days however that doesn’t matter because you are not going to do the whole charade again of waiting in the queue for a check-up the next day because you will want to see the other attraction in town and there are other amazing things to do in 3 days in Prague!

Although the Gothic cathedral was closed for us on that day, we still saw it from the outside and I have to say the cathedral is a highlight, it’s a gorgeous sight!

So the main attraction is, without doubt, the medieval gothic Cathedral in the castle area and to take a look at it from outside is anyway free.

decoration of the prague cathedral

🗼 Petřín Lookout Tower

The Lookout tower takes the idea from the Eiffel tower in France, however, it’s far from the same grandeur.

The tower is situated near Prague Castle.

It’s a walkable distance, however, it seems to be nearer than what it is.

We walked up but turned halfway back down because the walk was taking longer than planned and we wanted to see other things too.

Besides the tower lookout appeared to be rather crowded and I don’t think it’s worthwhile the trouble because you get a view of the city on other spots along the way as well.

So your time is better spent somewhere else!

However, there is a mirror maze somewhere near the lookout tower, so the Petřín lookout tower combined with the maze might make a great place to hang out for families with kids!

the flag of the prague administrative buildings

🌉 Charles Bridge

One of my favorite things to do was the Charles Bridge, although it was so crowded that people were touching each other while walking across the bridge from one end to another.

The bridge kind of takes you back into a medieval mindset and there was some artist showcasing their talents and that gives the bridge an authentic feel, a real empathic soul!

On top of that you won’t be able to stop clicking pictures, the view from the bridge to the castle and to the marketplace on the other side is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Various saints have been immortalized in stone statues along the bridge on both sides and you might recognize a few saints or even a late emperor.

The statues are truly in a remarkable state!

The bridge, in general, is magical and until today day the bridge is part of a lot of superstitious controversies!

To walk across the bridge is an amazing feeling even if it’s totally crowded.

It’s something worth experiencing on your 3 days in Prague and it’s suitable for anybody.

the old bridge prague old town

Tip: I suggest that you cross the bridge during sunset time because you can get some really stunning moments during the twilight period!

The river view will take you in for sure!

Sunset in December takes place at about 4 pm and in June at about 9 pm.

🏫 Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock

I took in the architecture the moment we entered the old town square!

You will be impressed by the Church of Our Lady before Týn and Old Town Hall.

Yet, your main attention will be towards the ingenious (and still working!) medieval astronomical clock!

These kinds of clocks are mechanical wonders of their time and show the moment of time in space with numerous little animated figures.

We didn’t stay very long at the old town square as it was very busy!

It was a Saturday, long weekend, late afternoon and there were people all over the huge old town square.

Even the segways couldn’t move about freely, so in a way, the crowds had in that sense an advantage…

The old town square with the clock makes it almost a must to visit in your 3 days in Prague.

I know, it’s like a place you are forced to see during your travels because everyone goes to visit it as well.

Mass tourism makes it, however, tedious for someone like me who prefers more exciting attractions with fewer people.

That’s why I suggest at least taking a look, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

If you are lucky, you will have visited Prague in a quieter time of the year, and the square will be almost empty. Just for you!

the famouse bridge in prague

🌃 Malá Strana aka the lesser town

This part of town is located on the castle side of Prague just before the Charles bridge (Karluv Most on the map) to cross the Vltava river.

Malá Strada is like what is Montmartre to Paris, a charming quarter of the city with narrow pathways and a strong bohemian vibe.

If you are like me, a bit artsy, looking for a surprise in the city, then you will enjoy strolling through Malá Strada at your own pace.

We spend a whole afternoon in this part of town and still, I think we hadn’t seen it all!

modern art in prague

The Franz Kafka museum is situated in this area.

You will also discover quirky Art installations and ateliers of independent artists, as well as smaller eateries and charming coffee shops.

We spend a lot of time discovering the creative vein of Prague at this spot, so the Mala Strada attracts a lot of independent thinking young individuals.

You can also visit the John Lennon Wall.

The wall witnessed the change of times and tells the story of those who dared to voice their opinions through communist times and still today.

The Malá Strana was another huge highlight in our 3 days in Prague trip!

narrow lane in prague

🗿 Other Places to visit

Your schedule will be full of those above-mentioned sights, however, if you are looking for some other places to see in the old city center corner and you don’t have enough action for 3 days in Prague, then take a look at the following.

  • The Clementinum – Home of the national Library with a Baroque Library hall and an astronomical tower.
  • The Jewish quarter with the Old Jewish Cemetery (on the map Starý židovský hřbitov) – Europe’s largest Jewish Cemetery with historical old tombstones
  • National Gallery Kinsky Palace – Fine Art Museum showing art pieces form the Renaissance up to the 21st Century
  • Strahov Monastery (on the map Strahovský klášter) – Medieval Monastery with library and Baroque Church
prague cathedral view to the tower

We spend a lot of time walking around in 3 days in Prague and although we used the easy-to-understand and budget-friendly Tram system to get around, we felt that places were quite far away from each other and that getting around by foot would take more time than initially thought.

Prague is built on hills like Rome!

I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to stress out and who doesn’t need to force myself to see all kinds of sights.

I love to just walk around and take in the atmosphere of the city and to take my time altogether.

And that is exactly what Prague will offer you!

We focused a lot on enjoying the surroundings and we definitely walked around a lot, so that hours passed by like nothing.

🛏️ Accomodations

We ended up with a very relaxed Airbnb, which wasn’t situated in the city center but which was one of those really cool 20th Century building complex neighborhoods.

We absolutely enjoyed our very local abode as it gave us the feeling of discovering the city from a local perspective.

The neighborhood was a good one too and we kind of fell in love with the Vietnamese restaurant’s food downstairs.

We picked this Airbnb because we were able to park our car safely and we did not touch our car for 3 days in Prague.

Safe car parking is a priority on a road trip holiday.

At the same time at some point, we both agreed that Prague would be a great city to live in!

decorated gates in prague old town

💡 Things to Know

  • The official currency is the Czech Crown CZK. One Euro is about 25 CZK
  • Best is to get money from the ATMs and don’t do money exchange. Use the ATMs where locals go to!
  • As in any city in this world, be aware of pickpockets! RFID safe Pocket wallets come super handy in crowded areas.
  • Tram tickets are super affordable (24h ticket ~110 CZK) and you can buy them in most small shops. You can get around very well as the network is build up to the farthest corners of the city
  • Czech people are very friendly people and most either speak English or German.
  • It’s customary to tip the waiters 10-15% and beware that some restaurants ask for a fee for tap water
  • Enjoy some of the best beer in the world and of course savor the local cuisine. The food is similar to Austrian/German food with Sauerkraut, Sausage, Dumplings, horseradish and Goulash as specialties.
  • Get good shoes and don’t be afraid to wander around, Prague is a very safe city. To compare, Paris feels more unsave.
  • If you don’t do Google maps on your mobile, then get a laminated pocket sized Prague city map to find all the sights easily!

❄️ Visiting in Winter

We visited Prague in December and that means it’s the perfect time in the year to experience the city in the Christmas mood with all its charms.

We saw one Christmas market on the castle grounds and another one below the Charles bridge.

I am sure there are way more than that, so you can experience a lovely middle European Christmas market flair with the mulled wine and locally made treats.

One thing to consider when you plan 3 days in Prague in December is the weather.

It’s ice-cold! If you have been to Vienna or New York in December, then you will know how cold it can get in those cities and Prague is just as crazy cold!

The wind is a freezing game changer!

So get warm gloves, socks, hats, and a thick jacket because you will be mostly outside checking out the sights and it’s seriously freezing after a few hours!

prague in december

Prague is a city that you need to have experienced.

It’s one of the most easy-going places I have ever visited in my lifetime and the city is so simple to understand that your 3 days in Prague will be a certain total success!

Dear Reader, so how are you planning on spending your 3 days in Prague?


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  2. Wow its the historical city of Prague that shows great architectural designs from the buildings and in painting too! How amazing to see an old city well preserved from its traditional state.

  3. I wasn’t aware of the fact that Prague was SO beautiful. <3 All those striking old buildings and the swans! I wish now that I had applied to that mobility programme to go study there for a semester. Maybe next year.

  4. Well, Prague definitely looks as beautiful as I thought it was! Also, I love that you mention all the practical pieces – like where you have to queue up for certain things and how it doesn’t matter if your ticket is valid for 2 days because you won’t want to hassle with it on day 2! That stuff can make all the difference to know.

  5. Fabulous tips! I have been to Prague 8 years ago with my husband in December and we love it – a little cold ^^ But they have hot wine so all sorted out 🙂

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  7. We really like Prague and spent a good amount of time by the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. It was as nice as one can imagine! It was Winter and freezing but it added to the charm of the old town!

    • yeah I get what you mean. The cold really ads to the picture of the city and that is the feeling I was looking for when I imagined Prague before visiting. 🙂

  8. Thank you for this excellent article!! We are planning a trip to Eastern Europe starting in Prague next Spring! We travel with a toddler and a 5yo, so long waits queues are out of the question, I will skip the castle and visit the Cathedral instead. We also stay three days there and then leave for Poland, then Ukraine and finally Russia. It is only so little you can do with children and we have 2 full weeks, even if we can’t see everything, we focus on fewer things and enjoy them more. This year we’ve been to Croatia, France and Italy and it was great, we could make one big visit per day, and the children enjoyed!
    Thank you for the precious tips!!

    • Nati the Cathedral is in the castle boundaries. Sorry for not having been that clear in my post. We noticed 2 entries to the castles and both are checkpoints and busy. Eventually, I am not sure but there might be another one where the guards are standing and there it was rather quiet. So what you can do with the kids is get up super early and get there before 10 am. Also, consider visiting the castle during the week and keep an eye out for big bus groups. If you consider these points then you will have a great chance to pass the checkpoints without waiting to visit the cathedral. We didn’t see a queue at the cathedral but that was because the cathedral was closed for visitors that day, however, I did read somewhere else that the waiting time can be long there. The timing of your visit can turn your waiting timeless.

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  14. Very nice one. I live in Prague, and it is a very nice city to live in! And I’ve been to the Castle a hundred times, but weirdly never noticed the golden gun. As for the lane, it’s (usually) free after 6:00 pm, just FYI for next time. And the Clementinum, imho, definitely has the best view of the town.

    • Oh lucky you, I can imagine living there, it’s a great place to be at. Good to know, I wish I had known that before that the lane is usually free after 6 pm. We will visit again for sure and the Clementinum view will be next. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated! 😀

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