Road Trip Goa to Himachal, Manali

farmer and his cattle on the road in India

We have been traveling on our road trip with our SUV, since last Monday, from Goa to Himachal Pradesh, and crossed on our way 5 states in India and drove a total of 2000 kilometers!

Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu South India

Coaker's walk, treats and snacks to buy, Kodaikanal tamil nadu, south india

“Kodaikanal is a gorgeous quite hill station situated in the South Indian Western Ghats mountain range”, they said and added: “A true paradise which I needed to have seen.” Of course I ended up dreaming of visiting Kodaikanal after having been inspired by my Russian friends and later on by others as well.

Useful road trip tips for India

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The knowledge comes handy, it can help you find the most magical places ever and at the same time it may save you from the worst.

Amboli and Tilari – Maharashtra (India)

There are countless plant and animal species living there, at least 325 globally threatened species occur in the Western Ghats and it is likely that many undiscovered species live there!