Palolem Beach Goa India

Palolem is the beach for you if you are looking for a family holiday, couple holiday or a wellness/ yoga retreat.

You will learn how to relax again and most importantly to live again.

My photos below will help you to book your next holiday!

palolem beach with boat

Palolem is another melting pot of cultures where you will meet people from all over the world!

๐Ÿš— How to get to Palolem?

Palolem is situated in South Goa, near the Karnataka border.

You can travel by train to Margao (Goa Sampark express, Mandovi express trains) and take a taxi, which will be an hour’s drive, from Margao city to Palolem beach.

By car or bike from North Goa to South Goa, it’s a 2-3 hours drive, via Panjim, towards Margao but via the Margao bypass road, and then take the NH 17 highway to Palolem.

Traveling from North Goa to Palolem?

If you need a taxi from Anjuna to Palolem, ask at Rosegarden next to the post office for reasonable fair rates.

Palolem is THE holiday destination for Goans.

Indian and Goan tourists alike tend to have only 2-3 days holidays, it’s become a trend, so the beach is busier during the weekend.

palolem beach little hidden corner

The last time we were in Palolem we stayed 2 days too because of our tight schedule and I think so that was the shortest holiday we have ever had, but it was well worth it.

We came back fresh and in full swing to our daily life.

Planning to travel the Indian West Coast further downwards?

Then check out Karwar in Karnataka, a lesser-known but interesting travel destination with gorgeous rock landscapes.

1-hour drive from Palolem to Karwar!

A couple of years ago we had shared a review about a restaurant shack at Palolem Beach.

backpacker palolem beach and cows

๐Ÿ›๏ธ Accomodation

There are countless restaurants, hotels, and rooms for rent in the surrounding.

If you plan on coming during the new year, you better book rooms in advance, otherwise you usually get rooms and coconuts easily.

The Season starts mid-October and ends in May, so most shacks are closed by that time and coconuts as well.

Coco huts are cool because they give you the real beach life feeling.

Coco huts in Palolem are right on the beach.

In the night you can hear the waves hitting the beach and it sounds as if you will be flooded any time soon, however, of course, the seas are far away and you end up falling into a deep satisfying sleep with the natural sound of the sea.

blue waters of palolem beach

Most hotel rooms and coco huts have mosquito nets.

The buildings and rooms are safe, criminal activities are very very low in these areas.

When you pick a room make sure to ask if there is warm water as well in the bathroom.

The beauty of Palolem is the ghat hills surrounding the area and the jungle is.

Palolem beach area is even on the other hand, yet full of coconut trees, and local houses nearby decorate the village.

It’s charming and gives you a  feeling as if you found one of those last authentic, but global at the same time, places.

yoga palolem

๐Ÿ‘๏ธ Things to do

Palolem is known for years now as a great place to focus on yoga, meditation, and sports.

Wellness is much promoted in the surrounding, you will find countless massage centers where you can enjoy Ayurvedic specialized massage or you can even take part in a massage workshop.

When you get up at 8 am in the morning you get to experience the spirit of Palolem, with Palolem guests taking part in running, stretching, and yoga exercises around.

A great tip is to hire a kayak at the beach.

You can get a single or double kayak for 200 INR upwards per hour.

You can paddle in your own time to the butterfly island or beyond that to the hidden, inaccessible beaches.

Dolphins might join you on your journey.

Another activity which some should consider since they are around the sea is to learn to swim.

You might be able to hire a swimming teacher, which would be the opportunity to learn how to swim.

Families with small children might prefer to do a dolphin trip.

The fishing boats for the dolphin trips are handled by locals and the price is somewhere around 2000 INR because you roam for nearly an hour with a diesel engine boat in the bay.

It’s not the best environment-friendly option but at the same time families get to learn the natural beauty around them and so learn to take care of our nature.

smoke twilight beach coconut trees goa

โœจ Night Life

Beach Shacks in Palolem create a romantic environment with candle lights and dining tables on the beach at night.

Live music events are common in selected beach shacks during season time, from November to March.

Headset trance parties are another cool, sound pollution-free, the novelty of Palolem.

Sometimes you can come across cool bonfire events organized by shack owners.

Just grab your guitar and pitch in!

toddy production at the beach in goa palolem

Hidden in between the countless Coconut trees, you might see these pots, that are still used to collect the Coconut Toddy.

This has been mostly practiced in South Goa and generally speaking South India.

Locals can be seen gathering their fishnets in the morning and night and watching them will give you a serene feeling of timeless being.

blue waters of palolem beach

This is a sensation we tend to miss in our lives, and it’s a priceless feeling all of us, without exception, are looking for desperately.

Palolem will give you back some of the innocence and peace you might be longing for in your life and might even help you to get back to your real self.

The water is gorgeous and full of harmless wildlife such as small fish, shells tiny crabs.

Kids love that!

palm trees and rocks palolem beach

Tell me, who wouldn’t love to be there right now?

If you are looking for more information about Goa beaches, check out the North Goa beach guide.


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  1. Wow…just amazing! I would love to be there right now. When I make it to India Goa is on the itinerary. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to escape the dreary grey weather here.

  2. What a glorious array of photos! Have been scrolling up and down, trying to find a ‘favourite’ – this is the Goa my heart has wanted for a very long time . . .

  3. What beautiful photos, Goa is just a stunning paradise of water and beach. I’m glad you’ll be posting a traveler’s guide, if only I could get there one day!

  4. If my husband is going to India again for work, I insist to take me along with the kids, and I’ll join you while he works. ๐Ÿ˜€ It seems like time passes by slow there… I’ll be soon in similar time zone and tropical weather. I heard it’s 85F in south of Taiwan. Thanks for taking us to the beautiful beach in Goa!

    • I feel Taiwan should have similar temperatures and humidity levels like goa. Lucky you that you get to go there. For sure, your husband should take you along next time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I had a laugh when you said your husband sat in the shade and you tried to tan. Sounds and awful lot like my husband and me.My husband says he doesn’t need to get any darker while my own attends to get a tan only get me lobster red to fade right back to pale:-( Goa looks like a magical place indeed.

  6. Oh yes dear I’m cursing you while I am sitting here in my cold house in London. I dream my backpacking days in India back in 2003…

    • wow that’s loooong ago. You should see India now, it has changed completely. This country is turning so quickly commercial lately, but at least here are some gorgeous hidden places like Palolem left.

  7. How beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing these images. I have heard the beaches of Goa are stunning but have never seen them. The water is such a beautiful colour. I would love to come for a holiday! xx

  8. I have heard of Goa so much from my friends who have been there before. Its such a beautiful place as I can see from your pics. I must visit for me and now my list of places I want to go to is getting longer.

  9. I want to be there right now!! What a lovely, peaceful, and restful place. Good choice on a mini-vacation. The closest beach to me is over 1000 miles or 2200 km, so I appreciate seeing these pictures. If you knew what I was doing right now you would understand my great appreciation of this beautiful post! Thanks!!

    • I feel with you MJ! My hometown in Austria is so far from the beach as well that we have to leave the country to reach a beach. I am so glad that you enjoyed the pictures and that you appreciated them. =))

  10. Wow!!! You made me want to come visit Goa. It just so peaceful and beautiful. Great job on showing to us with pictures. Love this post.

  11. Goa is exquisite and I cannot wait to visit it again, soon. Hopefully next year, I would love to plan a trip to Goa. Really want my daughter to to see Goa and enjoy it.
    Lovely post!

  12. How romantic of a surprise for your hubs birthday. My husband’s b-day was yesterday and he is away on business. I wish I could take him to Goa! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Stop teasing me! That looks like complete paradise. I wish I had a holiday booked to tell you about, but I don’t.. Looks like you had an amazing time ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Incredible scenery! I’m sure you both had a wonderful time there. You’re so lucky to live around (or within driving distance of) such beautiful places. I love Europe a lot, but central-western Europe I find very plain. Aside from a few architectural and cultural differences there isn’t so much difference between France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, etc. Of course, each country has attractions, but other countries always seem so much more exotic!

  15. Even the shortest, on-the-whim getaways can prove to be very relaxing! Here in the UAE, we also have several clean and beautiful beaches, just 30 minutes or 1 hour of drive away (depending on where you want to go), and it’s really a blessing to have the sea so close. There’s something very calming about the openness of the sea, the fresh air, the sun, and walking barefoot in the soft sand.

    By the way, your pictures are beautiful!

    • So true Nadia! I have heard a lot about your beaches in the UAE, many of our friends live there. =)

      Thank you for your kind compliment!

  16. we r regular visitor at goa v always stay at north near candolim beach, v heard about the paradise beach palolem but v never visit ,thanks for such a nice click.

  17. hye, very nicely written blog i must say. I visit goa atleast thrice a year. At times real life incidents there inspire me to write short stories.
    hope you can check out. bye


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