+15 German Sauna Rules for First Timers

entry and sauna exit

This guide will help you prepare for your first German Sauna visit. Further below I cover each point and explain the dos and don’ts of a sauna session in Germany.

English to German Travel Phrases

German in Lederhosen pant sitting on a cycle in Bavaria

You will need a set of English to German Travel Phrases, if you plan to travel to Germany any time soon. Here you will find all the essential phrases and basic German words used just in Germany, with regional variations.

First Time Flying Tips

First Time Flying Tips during COVID Times picture

Collect first time flying tips for your trip. Get through the airport procedure, step by step so that you are mentally prepared in advance.

How to raise money for a Trip

Kufstein castle

How to raise money for your dream trip in 2020 – ultimate insider tips. Danny from whatsdannydoing.com is our expert today, sharing his valuable insights on how YOU can get the best bang for your buck.