Venice Travel Guide (Italy) for Roadtrippers

A straightforward Venice Italy travel guide in 2022 to make the most of your trip!

With a focus on getting there by car, ideas on things to do in Venice, hotel, and food recommendations.

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🚗 Getting to Venice by car (roadtrip)

Venice is a city consisting of several islands located in North Italy. The city doesn’t have roads but instead water channels.

Driving from Austria from the direction of Salzburg over the dolomites (alps) to Venice takes about 4 hours. The landscape is beautiful and the last bit is a highway. The toll is about 10 Euros.

Another route from the direction of Innsbruck Austria, or if you are coming from Germany, is the Brenner Pass, via South Tyrol. You have to use the Austrian highway and you need a paid highway sticker for that and the Brenner costs about 20 Euro to cross.

Traveling from Milan to Venice take 3 hours over the state highway.

Getting from Bologna to Venice is a 2 hours drive on the highway.

Italian highways have toll passes. You take the ticket at the entry point and pay at the exit cash or card.

tight pathways between houses in venice
Venice july 2020

🅿️ Parking and Getting around

Coming with a car to Venice can be a bit daunting because you can’t just get a hotel on the island with a parking spot in the premises. Everything is water around!

You have two options.

Either you book a hotel on one of the islands and park the car in one of the huge parking garages at the entrance of the city or you stay on the mainland, in Mestre, at a hotel with parking included.


There are a couple of high-story parking lots at the entrance of the island. They are priced somewhere between 20-32 € per day.

The car parking spots are tight and getting there ain’t that easy.

You need to cross the same bridge, which the tram and buses use. So, it can get crowded and super stressful!

There is a parking lot in Mestre (mainland) located near the bridge and next to a bus and tram stop.

It’s a better option because it’s cheaper, only 10€ per day, and you don’t have to cross the bridge.

public transport and parking options in venice
public transport tickets and station in Venice and the parking lot in Mestre (mainland)

Public Transport

Public Transport is great in Venice! It’s straightforward, well connected, not all too expensive, and most importantly safe, even at night.

To get into the main Venice island, you will need to cross the large bridge by tram or bus.

The tram and bus pass by every 20 minutes or so up until 1 am, then a night bus or tram takes over.

The tickets can be bought in Tabacco stores, vending machines, or so-called ACTV offices.

Look out for the large T sign, which means they sell tickets there.

A one-way ticket from Carpenedo to the main Venice island costs € 1,50.

To move between the islands, take the Vaporetto. That’s how the public boats are called.

A one-way boat ticket for 75 minutes is priced at € 7,50.

If you plan on using the tram, bus, and boats a lot to get around, I recommend you get a 24-hour ticket priced at € 20.

You have to validate your tickets when you enter the bus, tram, or Vaporetto. Look out for the white card reader with colorful buttons.

other islands of venice
Other islands of the city

👁️ Things to do in Venice

We just loved to walk around the city and I still believe that’s the most exciting thing to do. Venice is an attraction in itself!

Get lost in the tight alleys, discover beautiful building walls, and walk over old bridges.

Venice is huge and soon you will discover that it’s impossible to see it all.

We just walked around the main island for two days and we always discovered something new.

doge's palace
doge’s palace

Venice is a beautiful labyrinth. Look out for the following sights:

  • St. Marks square, basilica, piazza san marco and doge’s palace
  • Ponte della Paglia
  • Rialto bridge – popular but crowded
  • Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo – little hidden gem
  • Venetia Arsenal the Piraeus (Greece) lion statue
  • Marco Polo’s birth house (just a plaque but I got excited)
Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

More things to do

  • Take a boat to visit the other islands
  • Take a Gondola ride
  • Visit the Venice Biennale
  • Visit other museums such as the Natural History Museum
biennale in venice 2020

🛏️ Hotels

You can either stay on one of the Venice islands or on the mainland.

We stayed on the mainland because we wanted a hotel with parking. It’s important that we have a safe parking spot for our car.

Hotels on the mainland are about 50% cheaper and as good as the ones on the islands.

If you decide on staying on the islands, you will most probably be staying on the main island.

That means you will get to the main island via public transport (tram, bus or by train) or by car and leave the car in on the of the parking lots at the entrance of the island.

Hotels on the islands do not have car access. They will mostly have boat access.

view of Venice
Venice is surrounded by water

From the entry point of the main island, you will either need to walk to your hotel or take a public transport boat or take a boat taxi.

We saw people walking 20-30 minutes to get to their hotel with their luggage. Apparently, it’s a common thing to do, it looked exhausting at times.

Because you need to keep in mind that you need to cross bridges and waterways and that the island might look small on the maps but that it takes over 70 minutes to walk from one end of the island to another.

Also, we went during a time when Venice was empty (due to the social distancing thing) so the passages were not that filled with crowds and we still took that long to get around.

I recommend you check with your hotel. Some classier hotels might provide you with a boat pick up and that does sound exciting. Right?

Also, get a room with an AC if you visit in summer. It gets hot!

water channel of venice
hotel and restaurant near the bus station

🍴 Restaurant and Bars

Restaurants and bars are plenty the deeper you walk through the labyrinth of houses.

Food is, of course, big in Venice but drinks are another great thing about the city in the water.

The bellini was invented in Venice. It’s a peach cocktail!

The Aperol Spritz is the signature drink of Venice. It’s made with Aperol liqueur, prosecco (sparkling wine) club soda, and an orange slice.

We got hooked on the Aperol Spritz, which btw is also called the Spritz Veneziano.

food and drink venice
Aperol Spritz, ham cheese and artichoke sandwich, little tapas with sausage, mini almond tart

The bars in Venice are called Bacaro and they serve drinks and so-called Cicchetti (local tapas).

We loved the place Bacaro Pane e Vin! They had great food, great Aperol, a great atmosphere, and nice service.

So if you ask yourself what to eat in Venice, go to this place and ask them. They will explain to you every bite and you get to taste authentic food from Venice.

local neighborhood venice
a quiet local neighborhood

🛍️ Things to get from Venice

Venice is known for handmade specialties!

You will notice some of these on your stroll across the city.

  • Masks – think Venice carnival
  • Leather gloves – a wonderful collection
  • Lion doorknockers
  • Murano glass
  • Burano lace
  • Brocade fabric
  • Bellini – Cocktail from Venice in a bottle
  • Baicoli – Cookies from Venice
shop for artisan work in venice
Handmade and vintage shop

😷 Social distancing rules

Always wear your mask in public transport, shops, and churches in Venice.

You don’t have to wear a mask when you walk around but know that some places are crowded again, such as the St. Marks’s square or the shop lane after you cross the Rialto bridge.

We put on our masks when we entered those areas and we didn’t stay there.

Most people automatically keep their distance, some still don’t get it, so be prepared to deal with such people.

That said, locals always wear their masks, it’s tourists that don’t seem to give a f***.

Some shops keep disinfectant at the entrance.

Most folks (not all obviously) traveling now kind of don’t believe in the new world we live in. Sadly, most are younger than 30 years of age.

That said, if you keep your distance, wear your mask and wash and disinfect your hands regularly, you should be fine. Just keep a distance!

gondola ride in venice
gondola social distancing in 2020

💭 Venice FAQs

Can you drink the tap water in Venice?

Yes you can! The city has set up public visible taps around the city. The water is safe to drink. I drank it!

Is Venice safe?

We never felt threatened in Venice, it’s a perfectly safe city. We went home at night walking from the bus stand to our hotel at 1 am. We felt safe in public transports and people seem to be straightforward and helpful.

What’s the etiquette in churches and basilicas?

Some do not allow photography inside, some don’t allow people to enter in short and tank tops. Just look out for posters at the entrance to guide you along. We entered some churches in shorts and didn’t have an issue.

Where can one sit to rest in Venice without consuming in a restaurant?

Cities in Italy don’t seem to welcome the idea of benches because you won’t find one. The only place where we found a bench is at the end of the main island in a public garden. The city administration wants people to sit and consume in restaurants and bars.

Ponte della Paglia
Ponte della Paglia all empty in July 2020

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