Ancient Tabo Monastery 

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What is in Tabo? 

It is a complex of ancient cave shrines and temples, decorated with detailed Buddhist wall paintings and some seriously captivating realistic statues.

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Where is Tabo Monastery situated?

Tabo is in Spiti district, which is a highland region right next to Tibet. Spiti is in Himachal Pradesh, India.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tabo is compared to Ajanta, which are ancient caves.


Things to know when visiting

The Entry to the Tabo Monastery is free for anyone.

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Things that are not allowed

You can not take pictures inside!

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What to expect inside?

The rooms are like caves, hidden in the darkness of the shades you will see statues, beings, and gods appearing in a seated position, floating above your head.

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Tabo is situated between mountains

Around the village, you will notice caves in the mountains.


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