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First Time Flying Tips during COVID Times

By PaulMarina.com

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Things you need to take a plane

Ticket, ID, Covid Certificate

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Day of your Flight

24 hours before your flight is planned to depart, you get an option to do a web check-in online. It’s a faster way to get through the cues at the check-in desk at the airport and the luggage can be left at the “Drop-off” desk.

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At the Airport Check in Area

Wear your mask and look out for the check in/drop off counter. Here they might check your covid vaccine/test results.

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Security Checkpoint

The security checkpoint is where your bags will be scanned and you get frisked.

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Immigration (for International flights)

This is where they will check your passport ID and stamps in it with Visas or with the residency card.

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Your ticket will tell you the gate number and the start of your boarding time. Don’t be later than 30 minutes before flight departure at the gate.

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When entering the plane, you will have an airline attendant helping you find your seat.

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Disembark, immigration (for international flights), baggage claim, customs, covid checkpoint.

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