Things to do in Salzburg

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The Mozart House

The place where Mozart the famouse composer lived in Salzburg. It's a museum that you can visit.

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The old town

Walk the small lanes and discvoer the wordings and paintings on the old buildings. The architecture will transport you back in time.

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The Mirabell Gardens

These beautiful gardens are not only romantic but also aestetically pleasing.

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The Salzburg fort and monasteries.

Discover the history of the fort and the monasteries. They are located on the hills. You get a great view from there.

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Castle Hellbrunn

Located a bit outside of Salzburg, this castle was known to be a pranksters home. The gardens have hidden water games, which is fun for kids in the summer.

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The Stiegel brewery

Austrians love their beer, especially the Stiegel beer. You can visit the brewery and learn how beer is made.

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Theater, Music and the Jedermann

A world known play, the Jedermann, can be experienced in the summer months. It's also worth to visit the theater when in Salzburg.

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Horse Carriage Ride

Take your family on a relaxing horse carriage ride. You will discover the best of the citi this way.


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