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Discover Styria in Austria!

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How far is Styria form Vienna or Salzburg?

You will take about 1-2 hours from Vienna or Salzburg to get to Styria.

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It's an insider tip!

The region’s capital is Graz, a historical and lesser-known city to non-Austrians.

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Styria is called Steiermark in German.

It's known as the green region.

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The eastern parts of Styria 

 ...are known for hot water springs that have healing properties.

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What are some local specialties? 

Pumpkin Seeds Oil, White Wine and Scarlet Runner Beans are food specialties from the region.

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What places should you visit?

Discover the medieval Riegersburg castle keep and the old town of Bad Radkersburg.

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When to visit?

The best time to visit in from May to October.

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