Things to do in Rouen France

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Walk around

Attractions in the city are all nearby and you need to move around to take in the beauty of the buildings.

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Cathedral and churches 

The cathedral of Notre Dame is located in the center of the city.

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Le Gros-Horloge

is a large beautiful renaissance timepiece with intricate paintings located near the cathedral.

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Rouen is also known for the medieval freedom fighter Joan of Arc

A church was built in the spot where she was believed to have been burned on the stake for witchcraft by the English

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The Museum of fine arts of Rouen is also well known and highly recommended.

The museum has paintings from all over Europe from the renaissance, baroque, romanticism, impressionism period.

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The Botanical Gardens are located outside the city

and we recommend you visit them because you can take a break there to take in the beauty and they are free.


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