Useful Roadtrip Tips for India

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India is like a bag full of Harry Potter Jelly Beans. 

 You never know what flavor you will get!

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Alternatives to traveling by car

Just at the side, if a road trip appears too daunting or if you are traveling alone then you have always the option to travel in comfort either by plane, train, or bus.

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Getting Organized

You need a a valid car driving license, ID, travel and medical insurance, money, a functional car with valid papers and some more useful essentials!


Indian Highways and Roads

Highways in India are not like the highways in the US or Europe

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A few things you might come across on an Indian highway

 free running cattle, dogs, monkeys, blockates, mudslices, fallen trees.

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When to drive?

You should drive in the day and only at night if you are a very good driver.

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Pit Stops

To refuel you don’t have to worry normally as long as you are on an Indian Highway you will come across countless huge Petrol pumps and many are open in the night too.


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