Zell am See Austria

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Where is Zell am See?

Zell am See is situated in the region of Salzburg in Austria, at 750 meters elevation above sea level.

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Why you should stay in this region

 When staying over in Zell am See as a visitor you get a free Zell am See and Kaprun card.

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Zell Lake

You can also hire a paddleboat or go sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing.


Hiking or take a walk 

There are numerous hiking trails in the area.

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Zell am See town center

All the major boutiques and restaurants are located in the town center. 

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Steam Train ride & Highest Waterfall in Europe

The steam train is a novelty these days!

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When to visit?

The Alpine regions in Austria have two major seasons, winter and summer.


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