Plan a trip to Wengen Switzerland

Plan a trip to Wengen Switzerland and discover this marvelous town in the heart of the Swiss alps.

This place is completely car-free, so you can only get there with the iconic cogwheel train. Collect tips and ideas for your trip to Wengen!

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📕 Where is Wengen?

Wengen is a famous ski resort in the Oberbern alps, the Bernese Canton, in Switzerland. The capital Bern is about 1 hour away.

The village is located on a height of 1312 feet (ca. 400 m) above the Lauterbrunnen village, at 4180 feet (ca. 1,274 m) above sea level.

It overlooks the valley with a view to the iconic Staubbach falls and the village of Mürren.

Wengen sits beneath the world-famous Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau mountains.

church in wengen
church in wengen with the great view

🧭 How to get to Wengen?

Wengen is a car-free village. That means you can’t get at all to this town by car. No road leads up!

The only way to travel to this green village is by cogwheel train, known as the Wengeneralpbahn (short WAB). Wengen can be accessed from Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald.

The train line number 63/64 runs from Lauterbrunnen to Grindelwald and stops at the following stations:

  • Lauterbrunnen
  • Wengwald
  • Wengen (The main train station where you need to get out!)
  • Allmend
  • Wengeneralp
  • Kleine Scheidegg
  • Alpiglen
  • Brandegg
  • Grindelwald Grund
  • Grindelwald

From Lauterbrunnen

The line 63/64 train arrives at the Wengeneralpbahnstation and from there you can get into this iconic yellow green train to Wengen.

The ride from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen takes about 13 minutes and there is a train every 30 minutes. The public train starts operations in the morning after 6 am and drives up to 12 am every single day.

You get some great views sitting on the left and the right because of the turns on some stretches. The Wengeneralp train also takes you through a few tunnels.

Tickets can be bought at the counters or machines at the train station, and you can park in the Parkhaus right next to the station. Parking isn’t cheap, but that’s how Switzerland ticks.

To get to the village of Wengen, get out at the second station, simply called Wengen. The first station after Lauterbrunnen is called Wengwald.

two way ticket Lauterbrunnen to Wengen
two way ticket Lauterbrunnen to Wengen
hiking routes in Wengen
hiking routes

From Grindelwald

Head to the Grindelwald main station to get into the Wengeneralp train (WAB), direction Lauterbrunnen. The station is shared with BOB, the Berner Oberland Train. Look out for the yellow green train!

The train will take you first down to Grindelwald Grund. In that case, sit on the right facing driving direction because the train will reverse and the most scenic views on the way up will be on the left after Grindelwald Grund.

The most panoramic spot along the route is the Kleine Scheidegg. This might be a longer route, but it is also a prettier train ride than the one from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen.

The ride will take about 60 minutes from Grindelwald station to Wengen via Kleine Scheidegg. Eventually, another route can be accessed from the Kleine Scheidegg to get to the Jungfrau region and the top of Europe and the Jungfraujoch.

Tourist center in Wengen
Tourist center

🌄 Things to do in Wengen

Wengen has a lot to offer to nature and sports lovers!

Discover the town

Take a relaxed stroll through the village. The train station is located at the village centre. There you will find several stores.

Look out for souvenirs, gifts and Swiss specialties. A Victorinox Swiss knife, a cuckoo clock or simply Swiss chocolate all make good gifts.

We recommend taking a break for a bite at the Restaurant 1903 in the Hotel Schönegg. The cheese plate was fantastic, and the garden is relaxing in the summer.

swiss cow balcony
swiss cuckoo clock
swiss cuckoo clock
swiss cheese plate
swiss cheese plate

Go hiking in the summer

Wengen and its surrounding is a hikers dream! You can pick between various trails to discover the Swiss alps.

The long hours of sunshine in the summer make for a perfect time of the year to enjoy at least one hiking trail and the scenery.

One of the most beautiful trails is the Panoramaweg located at the top of the Männlichen cable car station. From there you get a view of both valleys, the Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald valley.

The trail is easy and takes you mostly downwards, leading to the Kleine Scheidegg station. Expect clean air and wind in this altitude. Dress appropriately because the weather can change fast.

The Eiger Trail is another popular hike. The pathway is leading downwards, starting at Eigergletscher and ending at Alpigen.

You can expect some jaw-dropping views and a moderate difficulty level on this walk under the north face of the Eiger mountain.

It’s shady there most of the day and coming across patches of snow is not uncommon, even in June!

cutting the field grass tractor wengen summer
cutting the field grass with the tractor in summer

Go skiing in the winter

The Jungfrau ski resort, Grindelwald and Wengen is one of the most popular ski resorts in the world. The FIS ski world cup races are held at the Lauberhorn every year.

Wengen and Grindelwald are a connected ski resort. You can access it from both towns via the Männlichen cable car located at 8200 feet (ca. 2500 m) above sea level.

The ski areas include easy medium and difficult ski slopes, and they are about 100 km in total. Skiers with an easy or medium experience will mostly enjoy these well-maintained slopes.

Skiing classes can be arranged with ski instruction schools, and you can hire skiing equipment in Wengen or also in Grindelwald.

A day skiing pass for the resort costs about CHF 75 per adult.

Paul and the cat in Wengen
silly us in wengen

Other sports to explore when in Wengen

  • curling – they have a special hall for curling
  • mini golf – located right next to the curling hall
  • tennis court
  • public outdoor swimming pool
  • skating in the ice rink
  • sledging – great for non-skiers
  • E-Bike or mountainbiking

Visit nearby villages and attractions

Wengen makes for a great base because many of the top hotels are located in Wengen. From there you can explore the surrounding valley.

Here are some places that you can visit from Wengen.

  • Schilthorn aka Piz Gloria summit – known for the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.
  • Mürren and Gimmelwald village
  • Lauterbrunnen village and the Staubbach fall
  • Trümmelbach falls
  • Top of Europe Jungfraujoch
Mürren village from far and view to Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau
Mürren village from far and view to Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau

⌛ When to visit?

Wengen has its charm all year round. You just have to pick if you want to come and experience the region in winter or summer.

Keep in mind that spendings tend to increase in Wengen in winter. This includes your accommodation and daily activities.

The winter season starts in December and usually end around April, just after Easter. Summer season, on the other hand is much longer, and may start somewhere in May or June and end in October or November.

You may discover that spending time right after Easter or in November in Wengen Switzerland, means that it’s off season for a brief period of 2 to 4 weeks.

That means that some hotels and restaurants may close, or that the cable cars and trains might be out of operation, so keep this in mind when choosing a period to visit Wengen.

Peak season is December, January, February including July and August. It can get a bit crowded in some places, such as in the train in those periods.

Summers can get hot in the Lauterbrunnen valley, and you shouldn’t underestimate the strength of the sun in the mountains.

I think the most romantic and least busy time to visit, so to have the place for yourself with the least number of visitors, are beginning December, March, May, June, September, and October

train station Wengen
train station

🛏️ Hotels

You will find some of the best options for hotels and room inns in Wengen.

The area is still a hub for family-run hotels such as the Hotel Silberhorn or the Hotel Schönegg.

Wengen is not short on Swiss chalets. Although pricey, you can book a full house for your family vacation, which should definitely make this an exceptional Swiss trip!

The Chalet Wyssbirg and the Panoramapark Soleil Chalets are both highly recommended in Wengen Switzerland.

💭 FAQs

Is Wengen worth visiting?

Yes, the village is absolutely worth a visit. It’s lively and there are great stores, and restaurants to discover. It’s more busy than Mürren, another village which can be only accessed by public transport. So, if you like a relaxed place to hang out and to enjoy breathtaking views of the Lauterbrunnen, then Wengen is a must-see. If you intend to travel further up to the Kleine Scheidegg, then a stop in Wengen in inevitable.

Is Wengen expensive?

Switzerland is pricier than most countries in this world, so expect to pay more for the simplest things. Especially the Lauterbrunnen valley and Wengen are expensive and definitely count as a luxury resort. Expect to shell out at least CHF 500 per day, if you intend to stay in Wengen.

Can I get a discount ticket for the Wengeneralp train?

Yes, you can get 25% off if you have a Swiss Travel pass, InterRail or Eurail pass.

How to get from Interlaken or lake Thun to Wengen?

Take the BOB (Bernese Oberland Bahn) train from Interlaken city to Lauterbrunnen. Go to the Wengernalp railway station (WAB) station to take the cogwheel train up to Wengen.

Where to get a great view of the Lauterbrunnen valley in Wengen?

Look for the evangelic church at the border of the village (not the St.Bernard Anglican church) and the two benches facing the valley, hidden behind bushes. From here you get a fantastic view, it’s quiet and it’s easily accessible.

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